Golden Globes 2014: Best 9 dressed

Please forgive me for that odd number.

The Golden Globes were yesterday and it just feels totally right to do like everyone else and write about the dresses.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to watch the ceremony, but thanks to Twitter, I could kind of follow it.

This list has no order. Those are just the best dressed celebrities from last night’s red carpet, in my opinion.

Sofia Vergara wearing Zac Posen

Sofia Vergara Wearing Zac PosenBest dress of the night.
If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I love Zac Posen as a designer. I just think that his designs are geniunely beautiful and he is an amazing tailor.
This pick has been unanimous. Sofia Vergara was the “Queen of the red carpet”, according to some website (and I don’t remember which one it is… crap).

Kate Beckinsale wearing Zuhair Murad

kate-beckinsale-wearing-zuhair-murad-golden-globes-2014-best-dressedWhen I went through all of the Golden Globes red carpet dresses, I didn’t saw this one, for some reasons. It was only after the second “run through” that I spotted it and I felt that urge to add it to this list.
I personally really like the detailing.
Though, now that I spent a few minutes watching this picture, it looks like we can see her panties. Am I just imagining things or do you see it too?

Emma Roberts wearing Lanvin

emma-roberts-wearing-lanvin-golden-globes-2014-best-dressedClassic 50s-60s looking neckline and dress shape. It is really beautiful. Though I found the earrings being way too eye-catching. I think I would of chosen some perl studs or maybe colored ones, but those pendant earrings feels a little bit weird to me.

Jessica Chastain wearing Givenchy

jessica-chastain-wearing-givenchy-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet-best-dressedThe detailing of this dress is amazing. What I especially like about it are the wings on both sides of the skirt.
It makes me think of a dark angel… and I kinda like this vision!

Mila Kunis wearing Emilio Pucci

mila-kunis-wearing-emilio-pucci-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet-bes-dressedIf there is anything I could change about it, I would put some sequin on the skirt part of the dress. It feels a little bit empty, even if the lightness of it is beautiful.
I quite like the neck detailing. I am not quite sure about what they represent, but it looks like flowers or something like that.

Sandra Bullock wearing Prabal Gurung

sandra-bullock-wearing-prabal-gurung-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet-best-dressedThis one was controversial. A bunch of people said that the color palette sucked and the shape was not flattering. Others said the opposite.
I personally stand in the middle, even if I like this look a lot.
The base shape of it is good, my only problem is with the length. What really bothers me is that little bit of pink you can see from the fact that the skirt is high-low shaped. Maybe a black lining would of entirely change the dress and make it look better… who knows?

Sosie Bacon

sosie-bacon-wearing-someone-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet-best-dressedIs it just me or the fabric looks really soft and comfortable?
I really like the soft contrast between the pattern and the rest of the dress. It looks quite peaceful.
I want to know who made this dress!

Rosci Diaz wearing Edie Parker

rosci-diaz-wearing-edie-parker-golden-globes-2014-best-dressedI feel like I’ve seen this texture before, from Project Runway, I think. But it is in a good way!
Unfortunately, there was way too much dresses that looked like previous ones, but this one was so divine that I could forgive the ressemblance.
Honestly, I think that the color was just perfect for Rosci’s skintone, which is actually why it looks so good.

Emma Watson wearing Dior Couture

emma-watson-wearing-dior-couture-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet-best-dressedThis picture is certainly not-so-flattering, but it was the first I saw and I don’t know… I just like it, for some reasons. At first, I was like “What the hell is going on here!? That is so weird”. Pants under a floor-length dress?
And then…
emma-watson-wearing-dior-couture-golden-globes-2014-rec-carpet-best-dressed-back-of-her-outfitemma-watson-wearing-dior-couture-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet-best-dressed-backBAM! The back of the outfit. Truth to be told, it is this open back that won my adoration for this dress. It is really nice to see something new on the red carpet and I am really glad that she went for that instead of the classic choice of a gown.

Now that I look back at my picks, I really feel like it is quite different from everyone else’s. But that’s okay, isn’t it?

Have you watch the Golden Globes ceremony?
What was your favorite dress?


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