How To: Shop/6 Useful Things You Should Know!


Shopping is not apealing to everyone. While some of us may enjoy spending countless hours in stores, others appreciate it a little or just hate it. Not only that, but you don’t always have the time to get all over the place with all the different stores

Truth to be told, I am probably not the best shopper… nor shopping buddy. I mean, of course, I really like bringing friends with me; it’s way better to have someone else’s opinion about something than just yours.  I am a person who could spend days looking for that one item and I wouldn’t stop until I find it. The thing is, sometimes, you have to rush

“Spot the textures and colors that you like.”

If you are in a hurry or if you just don’t like to spend too much time in a store, this one is for you. If you have an idea of what you like, this should be easy. If you don’t, then just spot your favorite colors or textures.
When you’ll get into a store, just quickly walk through the alleys, looking all around to spot an appealing color. The quicker you want to go, the bigger the section you’ll have to look at the same time. It gives you an overall look of what’s in the store. If you see something interesting, you know what to do. If you don’t, well… you still know what to do!

“Don’t try everything on.”

As fun as trying on clothes can be, it does take a lot of time. If you are with friends, you don’t want to take too much time in the cabin since it can be a little bit boring for them. Plus, you’ll want to get out of the cabin to show what it looks like.
Before you leave your house, you should verify the size of your clothes to be sure of your size. You should look at your pants too, to get an idea of how long and wide the legs should look.
When you’re in the store and you see something interesting, get your size and see if it looks like it could fit you. Place a pair of pants on top of your legs to see if it is the correct length. You should be able to judge if the pants are too wide for you just by looking at them.
The only reason why you should try the clothes on is when you just want to be sure that the fit is perfect or if you are not sure that the item will look pretty on you.

“Surf first.”

This actually saves a lot of time… when the item is not outdated.
Yesterday, I went at American Apparel to buy the skirt I talked about in one of my previous posts. I arrived at the store and went quickly through it. One of the sellers asked me what I was looking for, so we searched it online and when they looked in their catalogue, they told me that they stopped selling this skirt a while ago… but they still had one (which was my size and black. Lucky me!). The thing is, we had one hour to go through 3 stores including a 10 minutes walk in between two of them and the searching for my skirt took almost 30 minutes… not really productive!
Shopping online may be really boring for some of us, but if you have some free time, why not give it a try? If you find something you like, either put the picture of it on your phone or just try to remember it. When you’ll arrive at the store, you can either search for it yourself or if you have a picture, ask one of the employees. It can save you plenty of time, especially if you know the size that will fit you. If you don’t, well you still will spare a lot of time since you know exactly what to get and where to get it.

“Don’t buy everything at once.”

No matter if you like shopping or not, never buy plenty of clothes at once. Why? Because you’ll end up regretting it a few weeks later… take it from my experience; I used to have one shopping spree per year, which is even more problematic when you have freezing winters and hot summers.
You can either go by categories, by outfits or by filling.
If you go by categories, you’ll still want to do a few trips.  This one can be tricky because you never know what you’ll find in the store, so if you are shopping for pants and you see a pretty shirt, you’ll tend to want to go for it but if you “make an exception”, you will probably end up making a lot of them, which would totally kill the concept of this plan.
It can be easier to stick to your plan if you go by outfits. The only problem is that if you want to shop in different stores, you’ll have to either be sure that you prefer the shirt in the 1st store than the one in the 2nd store and you’ll have to be sure that what you bought in the 3th store goes well with what you bought in the other two… It can get really confusing and hard. I would only suggest this one if you only plan on going to one store.
Filling your wardrobe is probably the easiest thing to do, while being the hardest one. It is definitely what I would suggest you to do because you can simply focus on some items that you’d need to complete a few outfits. I would definitely suggest you to take pictures of your clothes so you can have an idea of what you have and what you are looking for. There is a couple of apps that you can get to simulate your closet or you can just use your gallery, it’s up to you.

“Have a budget and respect it.”

I will admit it, this one can be really tricky, sometimes. It is so easy to get all over the place if you don’t establish a maximum amount of money to spend.
When you shop, keep track of the your expenses, especially if you are using your credit or debit card. Write down the amount you spend at each store and check it before entering in another one. You want to avoid temptations, so when you feel like you’re going to go over your budget, go home.
If you are the kind of person that have a hard time respecting a budget, you should withdraw the amount of money you’re willing to spend and leave all of your credit and debit cards at home; it’s kind of impossible to go over your budget when you don’t have any money to do so.

“Check it up.”

How many time have you bought some clothing that weren’t properly sewed? Please count.
Price does’nt matter; you shouldn’t buy something that is going to break after wearing it once. If you try the item, check it once when you pick it up and another time after trying it.
You are most likely going to find a unproper sewn item, though you could find stains or holes in the clothes.


10 thoughts on “How To: Shop/6 Useful Things You Should Know!

  1. I’m the type of person who hated to go shopping. Especially when I’m in a mission for something specific. It just never works out for me and I get super frustrated. I will def have to try these tips next time I go. TY!

    • Well, my problem with online shopping is the fitting. I mean, if I pay $10 for a shirt that end up being too big for me, it’s not thatbig of a deal. It’s more for expensive purchases that I think I will prefer trying it on before buying it…

      Though, I would really like to experience the waiting and the arrival of your order… I would be as excited as a little kid on Christmas!

  2. awesome tips! I never thought to take my measurements for shopping purposes but since I’ve been trying to lose weight, I began taking my measurements and it’s so helpful in shopping online! Also, I love shopping my favorite textures as I’m partial to velvet, lace and other fabrics like that lol ..

    • Oh! Velvet is currently my favorite too (just got a Royal blue velvet dress… perfect for Christmas!)!

      Well, you don’t need to know them, when you shop, especially when you have the time, but for a quick trip, knowing them will save you so much time since trying on clothes is probably the most time-consuming thing you do when you shop! :)

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