How To: Effortlessly Look Effortless

As you may have red in my Audrey Hepburn post, I have a really simple style. It may not fit in this “all about layers and billion of jewels” trend, but that’s no big deal. Actually, it is kind of fun to have a classy way to “stand up” in the crowd, even though no one really take the time to be stylish in school.

I wanted to go outside and take pictures, but it ended up not working. I mean, it started raining and I couldn’t really wait for some more days to post this blog post, which is a really important one, to me.

If you are just looking to just simplify your style a little bit, only one of the following tips would be enough for you to find what you are looking for: you just need to pick wisely!

So, you know how magazines makes it sounds so hard to look effortless, but the thing is, it does’nt need to be. You just need to find what you need. Nothing more. If you play it right, you will save a lot of time in the morning.

“Keep it simple.”

monochromatic-outfits-598x340If you can, keep your outfit really simple. Try to keep it neutral, monochrome.
The thing is, effortless doesn’t go with a lot of colors and patterns.
If you don’t like accessories, you should try to wear something in a different color, even if it is just your socks!

The thing that you got to keep in mind is that you need to be looking for textures, especially if you go for a monochrome outfit.

When you are in front of your wardrobe, in the morning, don’t take ton of time; maybe 10 minutes top.

Something that I have noticed is that oversize coats and vest gives a little bit more of a effortless look.
I am not a fan of those oversized-no-shape clothes, so to fulfill this “need”, I tend to wear my usual trench unbuttoned.

“Don’t wear too much jewel.”

The thing that I’ve noticed litterally everywhere around me is the excess of jewels that girls tend to wear. I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way. I mean, when they succeed to make a beautiful arrangement, I like it. But the thing is, it is really hard and I have seen so many fails. And truth to be told, I am not really good at this, which is one of the reason why I prefer to keep it simple.


The only piece of jewels that I wear is a bracelet; my Pandora one.pandora-bracelet-snake-music-graduation-silverTry to find something that means something to you, in any ways possible. It can be really subtle.
It does’nt really need to be something that really matter to you, but if it does, it will give a little more personality and signification to your outfit.
Though, if possible, you should go for something that is either silver, gold or pearls, it keeps it a lot more classy, which is what you want to get when you wear only one piece of jewelry.

“Accessories are the key.”

A bold hat or scarf can really bring a little something to your outfit. If you have a part of your body that you want to highlight, go for it! It is impressive how much a small and simple accessory can change the look of your outfit.3pcs-set-Fashion-Brand-New-Winter-Man-Women-Wool-Hats-Scarves-Gloves-Set-High-Quality-DesignerI have noticed some things, and I have done it myself: do not wear a scarf if you wear a necklace.

If you haven’t try it before, hats could be your best friend! I am really not kidding. I used to hate those and how, I swear by them. I personally swear by my ruby red cashmere beanie. Truth to be told, once you try them, you can’t abandon them. They just give a little bit more class to any outfit.
(Plus, it can hide greasy hair, if needed)

If you own some, and if it suits you, wear shades! It isn’t because it is winter that you can not wear some, it is actually super relevant when there is a lot of sun, no matter the season.

“Keep your hair away from heat.”

Almost a year ago, in December 2012, I got a permanent. Why? Because I was tired of straight hair… which I regretten a month later, so I started straightening it every day. Then, I stopped because I noticed how my hair got damages.

Lose curls does the trick. It can look like you just got out of bed and threw clothes on, which can be really pretty. But what about just rocking your natural hair? If you have a bang that you need to style, go for it, but don’t waste hours on your hair. If you wash your hair at night, gather them in a bun or just sleep on them. It should do the trick.
Remember, you are aiming for an effortless look, so why not making it effortless to do?

“Stay natural.”

I am not going to repeat all those things about not wearing make up because when you don’t have a perfect skin, not wearing make up can be really hard.
If you choose to wear make up, just go for a basic thing. Though, you’ll need the contouring so you can make it seems more natural… especially on your cheeks.

Up to your eyes, go with your preferences. You should get a nude eyeshadow. If you want to “open your eyes”, you should put some mascara on your top lashes. I’m not a personal fan of putting some on your lower lashes, but if you are, go for it.
If you really want, you can go for a simple winged eyes.
Do what you want for your lips, but keep it natural or go for a beautiful red.

If you have some other tips, please do tell them!


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