Kill Those Rain Boots!

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show was yesterday, which made me want to write about it because I LOVE this brand. Thing is, I don’t like to talk about things I do not know (if Idid, already, please forgive me!). So basically, I have to wait until it airs to watch it because I am not cool enough to get invited to it. It makesme sad, though, because there is no fashion show that I dream to attend more than this one because it is just fa-bu-lous.


I ended up feeling like “ranting”, fortunately, about something related to fashion! Know why? Because I overwrited the shoe post I spent hours doing with this one! YAY! (I’m going to redo it though…).
And now it makes me want to do videos (let’s forget about this, please). You know, in fashion, not everything is going to please you… and there is things that are going to piss you off. If not, you are damn lucky! Or I am just an alien.

Let’s start this properly… with a small story that will tell you exactly what I hate. Or you can just read the title…
You know, when you were a kid, you had to wear those ugly green boots when it rained. And you hated those because they are ugly. Or I am just an alien. Well now, you can tell your kid that they are super trendy and you can even pay $300 for a piece of plastic! Isn’t that cool?

To that amazing price, add 25lbs to your feet. They say it weights 2lbs but I do not believe them. When I bought my delicious Nine West, I saw some Coach and Hunter rain boots and I wanted to know how light they would be… because you know, I did not expect plastic to be that heavy. I am sure that when you wear those boots, you are actually pulling a car…

Well, this coming for a high-fashion lover is kind of innapropriate, but come on, this piece of plastic still look as ugly as they used to do. And they will break as quickly.
I am not going to draw a picture, you know the difference between a $5 shirt and a $30 one.

You know what? I hated Michael Kors, at first (don’t worry, I like him, now!). Why? Because the only thing I saw about him were his rainboots. And then, I was just mad at him for making pretty this thing I’ve always found ugly. But he is probably not the one who started this trend (I dob’t know that for sure though) and I have a biggest hatred for the Hunter, the other brand making popular and “trendy” rain boots. They made something that is just ugly (I am trying to stay polite!). Here’s the gem:


If I was making a video right now, you would probably hear me swear because this model is a monster, and not in a good way. Everything about this boot is wrong!
Just, please stop trying to make this beautiful!

Here is a secret: rain boots are Crocs 2.0!

What do you think about those “fashionable” rain boots?


Please, do not be mad at me or anything, this is just my honest opinion.

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