Get The Look: Audrey Hepburn

To be completely honest, I discovered Audrey through Ariana Grande’s Instagram, when she posted a picture of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was a few months ago and I didn’t really see any big appeal to the movie.

Last Saturday, I was watching Glee and at a point, there was a mash-up with Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, which made me want to watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Right after I finished it, I got hung by movies from the 50s and 60s. I remembered Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I decided to watch it, where I really discovered Audrey Hepburn.
And now, I am watching all of her movies.

Her style, the way she look and her beauty inspired me to make this post. And strangely found myself in her style. She was a strong believer in this cliché sentence “less is more” and so am I.

Today, when you look at magazines or at fashion blogs, you are more likely going to see complicated looks, with a lot of accessories and I kind of feel like an “outsider” because this is not what I go for. And I have been like that for as long as I can remember!

I know that this is a “Get The Look”, but I still want to leave a little part of myself in the clothes selection. As usual.

Let’s get started!

The Little Black Dress
I.N.C INTERNATIONAL CONCEPTS Keyhole Neckline DressI.N.C. INTERNATIONAL CONCEPTS – Keyhole Neckline Dress – $99/$69.30
It is no secret that the LBD got popularize by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not only that, but it remains a classic dress and it is really simple. To me, a black dress needs a little something to not be boring, which is exactly why I think that this one is just perfect. The little holes are just enough.
Considering my current love for a-line skirt and dresses, it implies that my LBD is one of those.

The White Blouse
THEORY Forta pleated silk-georgette blouse
THEORYForta Pleated Silk-Georgette Blouse $235
The second thing you’ll need is a white blouse, another piece of clothing that Audrey made popular in one of he movie, A Roman Holiday (which made me sad because of the ending… I am not happy about the cliché movies, but when a movie doesn’t end well, it makes me sad!). It isn’t quite like hers, but the collar joins another aspect of Audrey‘ style.
Okay, I know, it’s a little bit more expensive. To be completely honest, I wanted to pick affordable things. Problem is: it is so hard to find a plain blouse nowadays. So I ended up on Net-À-Porter and I found this gorgeous blouse. The shape is just perfect to be belted at your waist.

The Turtleneck
LORD & TAYLOR Cashmere Turtleneck SweaterLORD & TAYLOR
Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater – $169/$89.99
If you haven’t got it yet, I am in love with cashmere and even more since I bought a cashmere beanie, last friday. Before that, I never really touched any cashmere, I just knew that it was soft, but now, I am freaking out over it’s softness.
For Audrey‘s look, you do not need to get a cashmere sweater. It all goes with your preferences, but since it is something that is going to be touching your skin all day long, you want it to be really comfortable and not itching.
For a casual look, she paired it with cigarette legs pants and a pair of flats.

The Boat-Neck Top
 – Short Sleeve Boatneck Tee – $39.50/$23.70
To Audrey, the chest part that you had to show off the most was the collar bone, which is what boat-necked shirts are made for. Don’t go for full lengt sleeves because you still want to show off your wrists.

The Capri Pants
J.CREW Eaton cropped stretch-wool pantsJ.CREW
Eaton Cropped Stretch-Wool Pants$150
Audrey felt like ankles were really beautiful, that is why she wore so much capri pants. Considering her color palette, the beige and black ones are the most relevant pants to choose.
Those are cutted perfectly because they do not show too much legs. Plus, they are slim at the right places.
She paired them with a turtleneck and some flats for a casual look.

The Circle Skirt
Sheer Jersey Shirred Knee-Length Full SkirtAMERICAN APPAREL –
Sheer Jersey Shirred Knee-Length Full Skirt – $28
In a couple of her movies, you can see Audrey wearing circle skirts and dress. Unfortunately, it is a little too short, but it works.
Finding one that truly ressemble to what she would wear is really difficult since  brands tend to make more of mini and maxi skirts than anything else.
This skirt is a really great investment since you can do so much with it. Wear it a a dress, with a crop top or, if you want to stick with Audrey‘s look, with a blouse tucked in it. Why not add it a belt?

The Small Scarf
VFRAAS Metallic Plaid ScarfVFRAAS 
Metallic Plaid Scarf – $48
Everyone has a different opinion about what a small scarf is. To me, it is a thin piece of fabric that is made to be pretty, not to cover your neck.
Even if Audrey was all monochrome, I decided that the small scarf should have a little bit of color. Though I stayed in the neutral tones, the little red-ish stripe gives a small something to the scarf.
It is a great accessory for an everyday outfit.

The Long Scarf
– Cashmere Scarf – $89.99
You just can’t go wrong with a black or white scarf. It is so versatile and you can wear it with almost anything. You don’t need to get a cashmere one, you can actually get the scarf you want, as long as you love it!

The Ballet Flats
Dobrus – $70
It has been said that one of the reasons why Audrey wore ballet flats was because she always wanted to be a ballerina, the other one being because she considerated herself tall (5’7″). It is her signature shoes.
You can’t go wrong with a pair of black ballet flats. It goes with almost everything. It is a great investment to make.

The Loafers
LifeStride Woman's KiltLifeStride 
Woman’s Kilt – $59.99/$44.99
Those shoes were not really wore by women until Audrey did. She popularized them and wore them so well that you can see a lot of women wearing those. They are not essential since the ballet flats are really Audrey‘s signature shoes, but if you like the style, go for it!

The Kitten Heels
Flex Suede Kitten Pumps – $99
When she was wearing heels, Audrey went for Kitten ones. When she was wearing shoes, she tend to go for black.

The Pearl Earrings
31828627_923968_EDTiffany & Co 
Pearl Earrings – $165
Pearl earrings was one of Audrey‘s favorite accessory.
Accessorizing your outfit is crucial because it gives the personality you want it to have. To stay in Audrey‘s direction, you should not wear more than one piece of jewelry at the same time.

The Sunglasses
Black Square Sunglasses – $245
The iconic sunglasses.  You should have at least one pair.
Don’t forget, you can wear those even if you are wearing a formal outfit, as seen on Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

All of the previous clothes are the base of her style. They are iconic pieces and the essentials of this style.
She had a neutral palette (beige, black and white), but she still wore colorful floral prints, stripped clothes and others. And if you like hats, don’t forget to wear them.

In all of her outfits, she wanted to focus on her waist, wrists and ankles.
If you have a small belt, put it around your waist.
Wear 3/4 sleeves instead of long or short sleeves.
If it isn’t too cold, wear pants that shows off your ankles.
Prefer low-top shoes because they will accentuate the presence of your ankles.

You probably recognize some of your style in this post, which would be totally normal. Audrey “created” a timeless style, which is why you can see it everywhere, nowadays.
To finish,  here’s a slideshow of Audrey Hepburn‘s iconical outfits.


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