Here We Go Again! (Fall 2013 Trends)

So, I noticed that the posts you prefered tended to be the ones about trends… so I decided that I would keep finding new clothes and ideas to propose to you. Though this time, it is going to be a not-so-affordable edition (well, depending of your money situation!). It still is not going to be that expensive, but it is going to be a little more than the first edition!

This time, I decided that I wanted to focus on The Bay because it is a place where I do shop. So, here we go!

ANNE KLEIN Shift DressANNE KLEINShift Dress$149/$96.85
CALVIN KLEIN A-Line Career DressCALVIN KLEINA-Line Career Dress$139/$90.35
LORD & TAYLOR Cashmere V-Neck Sweater
LORD & TAYLORCashmere V-Neck Sweater$149/$84.99
LORD & TAYLOR Cashmere Sabrina Neck SweaterLORD & TAYLOR
Cashmere Sabrina Neck Sweater$199/$119.40
DENIM & SUPPLY RALPH LAUREN Wool-Silk Shawl Cardigan
DENIM & SUPPLY RALPH LAUREN – Wool-Silk Shawl Cardigan$145

DEX WOMENS Contrasted Drop CardiganDEX WOMENSContrasted Drop Cardigan$49/$24.99

KAREN SCOTT Cable Knit Henley SweaterKAREN SCOTT – Cable Knit Henley Sweater$39/$19.99

TOPSHOP Knitted Texture Stitch CardiTOPSHOPKnitted Texture Stitch Cardi$70

VERO MODA Fargo Long Sleeve CardiganVERO MODAFargo Long Sleeve Cardigan$69/$48.30

WALLIS Grey Hooded CardiganWALLISGrey Hooded Cardigan$104/$72.80 

If you haven’t noticed, I kind of have this intense relationship with dresses, even though it is -2°C outside. My other fall like it pastel colors… and bright colors! I don’t know why, they are just capturing my eye! I guess I am just addicted to beautiful colors.
Talking about sweaters, I personally prefer ample clothes. I feel like they are warmer than fit ones.


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