Fall/Winter 2013 Trends

I am going to be entirely honest, I am kind of in a rush. Yep, I know, I shouldn’t be posting a quickly made post… But it has been three days already: I already reported this from one day.
Actually, right now, I should be doing some work, problem is: I just cannot seem to focus on that, which is a problem. So I decided that I would do this post first! And the reason why I am rushing those two things is pretty simple: I am freezing to death! I know, I know, I am always talking about the cold weather I am [suffering], but right now, I am slowly becoming an Ice Cube and right behind me, there is my warm bed laughing at me because I can not get in it right now. Not nice, bed!

Unlike the previous post about trends, I am going to post all pictures in one block with the priceon them. Why? Because all of those pieces are from the same place: Piperlime.com. Basically, if you like something, just click on it and you’ll arrive on the page (no, I don’t think that you’re dumb, I just want to be precise so there is no confusion! :) )!
There is another difference between this edition and the other one: I am actually shopping for myself at the same time. So basically, what you are going to see now are things that I would like to buy. Not that the previous one wasn’t. Okay, it’s really confusing. The clothes you are going to see are mostly going to end up in my closet, compare to the other edition that was more focused on more affordable clothes and simply on the trends. Plus, what you are going to see is more focused on the Fall/Winter transition/cold weather!
Anyways, here we go. I hope you enjoy and seeya tomorrow for a new edition of the Thursday Talk!

Marley Cacoon CardiganAlpine Blanket SweaterEleanor Wrap CoatVegan Leather Black Box PantVegan Leather Trim Sequin SkirtVegan Leather Cutout Skirt Viv Vegan Leather MiniLauren ToteCastillmaMyron Ultimate Opaque Matte Tight


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