“Beloved” Shoes


The other day, I was reading a magazine. Honestly, I do not remember which one it was, but it was either ELLE
or Cosmopolitan
. Or maybe it was a blog…. I really have no idea. Anyways. In this article, people were talking about different designers, from the most expensive ones to the more affordable ones, counting the bigger ones making more affordable collections.

I have to admit, I am still learning the names of smaller designers. I do know all the main ones (and I’ve known them since I’m eight because my friend and I were playing with her mom’s wardrobe… which she wasn’t so happy about when she learned that we played with her Pradas
… Wonder why!)… but as for the new or smaller ones, I am kind of not the right person to ask.

Back to the article. It was talking about Miuccia Prada and her “affordable” collection. So I thought “It could be awesome to buy some MiuMiu
shoes right away!”. I decided to look it up online and guess what I found… it was not
affordable! The shoes were the same range of price as Prada‘s. Well, you probably knew that, already, but I didn’t. I just knew that MiuMiu
existed (thanks to The Bling Ring).


Then, I checked the Prada
website, just for the fun of it… and I saw my worst Fashion enemy: the “delightful” sneaker wedges! This seriously makes me sad! Louboutin
shocked me with their sneakers; Prada
killed me with their sneaker wedges… I mean, come on! That is the most hidious thing that Fashion ever created! So looking forward for that trend to disappear!


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