Fall 2013 Trends

Going through articles about “Fall trends 2013”, there is only one thought that came to my mind: not everybody has LA or NY’s fall. What about the ones living in colder places? Not only that, but I had some fun selecting pieces that you could consider adding to your closet for Fall 2013. There may be some clothes that requires a warmer weather, but I am the kind of person who refuses to let summer go.

To start off this selection, we’re going to begin with Tops.

Easy Slub Knit SweatshirtForever 21 – Easy Slub Knit Sweatshirt – CAD $21.80
I am usually not a big fan of Forever 21 but I have to admit, this sweatshirt is just a beauty! The color reminds of Summer, but the shirt is just warm enough. The perfect balance between Summer and Fall!

Classic Button DownForever 21 – Classic Button Down – CAD $18.80
To me, this white blouse is a must have. It is cutted like a Summer’s blouse, the white of it reminds of snow and the overall look just fits into this Fall’s trends. Plus, it is so versatile!

BAILEY 44 Ego Surfing ShirtLord and Taylor – BAILEY 44 Ego Surfing Shirt – $200.00
Yep, you saw it, $200. I know that it can be too much for some of you (it is for me!), but I fell in love with this blouse. Right now, it doesn’t look that pretty, but it’s on a sewing mannequin and it isn’t accessorized. Leather is one of the multiple trends that figured at NYFW. You probably know it already: you just can’t wear too much leather.
I think that a leather jacket is the only all-leather piece that doesn’t look too motor-alike. Other than that, if you really want leather on your outfit, it needs to be small cuts, like on this blouse. And I have to say, this is the perfect balance between leather and non-leather.  Not so hard to style and can easily look effortless, which is something you should achieve.


8BARBA2Parasuco – 8BARBA2 – CAD $85
Camos are returning! On fashion weeks, you could see the glorious return of camo prints – lots of fashion bloggers have been seen wearing some. Yup, this is a camo pant and I know what you’re thinking. And the awnser is no: it doesn’t fit everyone’s body.  It’s not only a shirt or a piece of it, it’s is an entire pant covered with camo! But honestly, if properly styled, it can give an amazing look.

Coats and Jackets

Lucky Brand Daryn Wrap JacketBelk – Lucky Brand Daryn Wrap Jacket – $99.00
This is the kind of piece that you either like or hate. It’s more of a LA winter or NY fall than anything else. I’d say that in places like Montreal, that is the kind of vest you can only wear in the begining of fall and in spring because it is simply not warm enough (I could be wrong, I’ve never tried it, it’s only an observation).
That vest looks effortless and is pretty classy. It’s beautifully tailored and it shows off a woman’s curves.

8XINGParasuco 8XING – CAD $110
I don’t know about you, but I personally love that jacket. Even if on the website, they put it in the shirt section, I feel like the construction of it is more appropriate as a vest or a cover-up.
It has the structure that you want but still is effortless. Plus, you have this reminder of the military look with the two buttons.
In my opinion, this piece is a must-have for this Fall 2013!

I haven’t found that much interesting stuff, but I will definitely keep looking. The suggestions that I’ve made may not follow every single trend, but even if I follow fashion, I still put a little -big- bit of myself in it.
Emerald is one color to watch, this Fall. If you see something this color, go for it, try it on! You never know how good it can look on you before you try.
The last “tip” I have for you would be to go bold. Not too bold, but go for it! Leopard prints, summer or winter colors, structured pieces, over-the-knee boots, all of those elements are part of Fall 2013’s trends, so don’t be shy to try them on!


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